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Rome wasn't built in a day, but one thing you can be sure of, it wasn't built during the night either.
This WEB page is about the different aspects of shiftwork. It is intended for the shiftworker or anyone wanting to know more about shiftwork or why their shiftworking spouse, friend or neighbour, look, feel and act the way they do.

This web page is divided in several rooms. Feel free to wander around.

1. The HISTORY Room - a short history of shiftwork. [shiftworker online] 

2. The CIRCADIAN RHYTHM Room - what tune is this trying to play anyway?[shiftworker online] 

3. The SLEEP Room - the stages of sleep. (zzzzzzzzzz)[shiftworker online]

4. The SCHEDULING Room - a look at different work schedules.[shiftworker online]

5. The EFFECTS of Shift Work and some STRATEGIES Room .
- the health problems associated with shiftwork and some ways to cope.[shiftworker online]

6. The DOLPHIN Room - you must be wondering about this one!! [shiftworker online]

7. The BREAK Room - you must be tired by now. You need a break! [shiftworker online]
      (Links to Newspapers, Magazines and much more).

8. The "LINKS" Room - links to other pages about shiftwork and sleep.[shiftworker online]

9. About the author - that's me.[shiftworker online]

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Disclaimer: The information from the Shiftworker Online is not intended to be
medical advice. If you believe you have a sleep disorder you should seek a qualified professional.

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